Dear 11 Magnolia Community,

We continue to give thanks for your faithful attendance at our 11 Magnolia worship service. Since its creation several years ago, this service has blossomed into a beautiful, caring, and authentic congregation.

I am pleased to share the news with you that the Rev. Justin LaRosa will now serve as the primary preacher for that service, following a schedule that will have him preach roughly 3 out of every 4 Sundays. The remaining Sundays will be covered either by me or the Rev. Sally Campbell-Evans. To provide additional continuous pastoral connection to all of you, the Rev. Debbie Casanzio will be the primary pastor celebrating Communion.

We are also grateful for the excellent musical leadership of Melissa Petrescue, who is serving as our interim worship leader. We continue our search for the person God is bringing to us to serve in that permanent role. That search process is being led by Michael Dougherty, our Director of Worship Ministries, as well as members of the 11 Magnolia congregation.

I believe the future is a bright one for this important part of our worship life. I look forward to seeing how each of you in the 11 Magnolia community will make God’s love real together.

Grace and Peace,
Senior Pastor

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