Dear Hyde Park Family,

Hello, summer!

Whether you are making plans to get away for a vacation, or looking forward to long days of leisure at home, I trust that this season will afford you and your loved ones a chance to rest and rejuvenate a bit from all your busyness and stress.

Whatever you choose to do, we want to help you keep Sunday worship a part of your routine. The observance of weekly Sabbath is not only a command by God; it is a key to true and lasting renewal in your mind and body.

If you are in town, join us for our regular worship schedule here on the Hyde Park or Portico campuses. If you are traveling, you can worship with us online at 9:30 (Contemporary) or 11 a.m. (Traditional). And if you miss a Sunday, our sermons are all archived on our YouTube channel or via podcast.

This summer, we are offering three worship series that are sure to connect with your life. Here is a sneak preview of what lies ahead over the next three months. (For further details, click the link in each section.)

June 11 – July 4
Joy! Finding It Daily
A Four-Week Series on Philippians

Who wouldn’t want more joy in their life? In a world full of brokenness and anxiety, many people will do almost anything to escape the pain and heartache of their lives. Paul’s letter to the Philippians reminds us that a long-term, joyful life comes from God, and it requires our daily work. Learn more.

July 9 – July 30
Hope! Strength for Troubled Times
A Four-Week Series on Jeremiah

There are many similarities between Jeremiah’s time and ours, and this four-part series will call us to that same comfort and challenge for the difficulties of our day. In a world that seem broken, we need the voice of Jeremiah to call us to hope, and to summon us to a renewed commitment to God. Learn more.

August 6 – 27
New Takes on Old Favorites

There are a handful of Bible verses that are so ingrained in our faith vocabulary that we know them by heart. But sometimes we think we know those passages so well that we miss the chance to make fresh connections to our lives today. What new insights might these texts contain that will transform the way we relate to God and to one another? Learn more.

See you this summer!

Grace and Peace,

The Rev. Magrey deVega
Senior Pastor, Hyde Park United Methodist

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