Have the images of Hurricane Dorian’s destruction in the Bahamas left you wanting to do something to help? Did they make you want to rush over and help them rebuild? Well guess what? There are folks right here in the state of Florida who experienced similar devastation two years ago from hurricane Irma. While their plight has left the front page of the paper, they are still in dire need and need our help. I’d love for you to consider joining us on this fall’s adult mission trip to Southwest Florida Nov. 10-16.

Our next informational meeting will be 6-7:30 p.m., Monday, Oct. 14 in Knox Hall Room 150. (This is a change of date for the meeting, which was previously scheduled for Oct.7.) Feel free to bring a friend and join us to learn more about how we can help families who also lost everything, and need your help.

More information about the trip is here.

There are two forms you need to complete for the trip:
Volunteer Form
Medical Information Form


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