Greetings from the President
March 2018
We have stepped into the Holy Week. This year the last words of Jesus are ringing in my heart: „ It is finished“ (Jn 19:30). These words did not reflect his despair; it wasn’t any spontaneous cry. We are told that Jesus indeed “knew that all was now completed“(v.28). In the same way as he was very much aware about all the events he would face during these crucial days in Jerusalem; crucial days for the whole humankind. In this clear knowledge Jesus’ profound trust in his Father was reflected. What was now completed was his Father’s redemption plan; it was his Father’s ultimate will for his life, and Jesus had fulfilled this will to the very end, fully.
Outwardly, it didn’t look like anything would have been „finished“. Outwardly, Jesus was dying at the cross, and no-one except Jesus himself did see or understand the great truth about the fulfillment of God’s redemption plan. Even after God had raised Jesus from the death it was hard for people to take in this great change that had happened. But it was certainly far more difficult to believe it at the moment when Jesus took his last breath at the cross.
How is it with us – do we see the victorious radiance behind the cross as a sign that God’s redemption plan is completed – now?

Faculty News
Our Bishop Christian Alsted taught a class on UMC structure and Book of Discipline last week, and participated at the continuous education days for UMC pastors. We are grateful to God for his teaching and his inspiring presence among us.
Our IT specialist Rein Laaneser will have a knee surgery in the middle of April. Let us pray for a successful surgery, and for his fast recovery.

On April 15 our seminary students and faculty are invited to lead a worship service in Tallinn UMC. As the Course of Study session is also taking place over the same weekend we hope to involve these students also, and it is our prayer that we would all together proclaim a lively message about our risen Lord. We are grateful to God for our seminary faculty who have been willing to teach at the Course of Study sessions, and we can see how this couse has already provided new students for the seminary.

We are grateful to God for the confirmation that the Central Conference Theological Education Fund has awarded financial support to all our projects, and we shall receive these funds soon. We ask for your prayers about balancing Christian love and righteous claims in our dealings with students who still owe us their tuition money, so we would receive the missing amounts into our budget. We are grateful for all supporters, and keep them in our prayers.

Have a blessed continuation of the Holy Week,
Meeli Tankler
President of the BMTS

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