Greetings from the President
August 2017

In the beginning of the new study year I ask personally for your prayerful support. The month of August has been really hard as both me and my husband lost our mothers. We have had two funerals in less than two weeks, and the grief is still very fresh and deep. We know that our mothers have gone home – that they are in God’s peace now. But our emotional pain is very real as we feel how much we miss them. These days I have understood better the passage in 1 Ts 4:13 where we are warned against „grieving like the rest of men, who have no hope“. As human beings we do grieve – but the difference is that we grieve in hope to meet our loved ones again one day!

However, for the seminary the month of August has been a good month. We have received 22 new motivated students, and we praise God for every one of them. Our first study session last week was full of positive energy and happy people, anxious to get back to school – or to begin the school. The student body as well as faculty and staff were glad to worship together, to learn from each other, and we began the new semester with renewed energy and vigour.

We praise God for our 14 graduates in June, and we are looking forward to have about the same size graduate class also next year. We invite you to pray together with us for potential graduates already now as they begin their last study year, and will probably face various challenges on their way toward graduation.

We praise God also for financial blessings. We are grateful for partnerships that have lasted over years, and for dedicated people who keep supporting us – as well as for new friends and supporters God has given recently. Please keep our financial situation in your prayers with thanksgiving and praise for God’s faithfulness and for God’s people’s generosity.

Beginning my last year as the seminary President I would ask your prayers for God’s guidance in the search process for the next president that will be officially announced soon.

Meeli Tankler
President of the BMTS

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