Greetings from the President
December 2017

Advent time has come! Last week we had our seminary Advent party, and celebrated also the last study session of the fall semester with all our students, faculty and staff.

Advent time reminds us that the year is ending soon, and it is a good time to look back in gratitude, and to look forward with trust in God.

We are grateful to God that our seminary has received unconditional state recognition – as we were unofficially told, „have earned the reputation of a trustworthy seminary in the eyes of the state“. We have worked hard to reach this point but we see also clearly that it hass been God’s grace. We feel the power of many prayers that were made for us. We believe that we are part of God’s plan to prepare workers for God’s Kingdom in Estonia and neighboring countries.

We are very grateful to all our supporters both financially, and with prayers. The partnership usually means both – you give your support, and you carry us in your prayers as well. We have experienced again and agan how prayers can carry through, and bring change in difficult circumstances.

We are grateful for our faculty and staff whose strong sense of mission and dedication to their daily work have created a really pleasant working atmosphere.

We are grateful for our recent graduates this summer as well as for graduates in previous years. We meet them again and again at various seminars, conferences, ecumenical gatherings as they continue to serve faithfully their churches and communities in Estonia and other countries. It is so wonderful to nudge your neighbor at a conference and point out with pride: „This is our graduate!“
We are grateful for all students – for this multilingual and culturally diverse student body whose various talents we were able to enjoy at the Advent party.

We are grateful for our beautiful building where we can teach and learn and worship God in really good working conditions.

„Those who look to him are radiant,“ the Psalmist says (Ps 34:5). We would like to be such a radiant seminary family while stepping into the Christmas season. We want to keep our eyes on Him also in the coming year, and we do have many reasons to be glad (in Estonian the word „radiant“ in this Bible verse is translated „shine with gladness“). We can believe and trust God that He has good plans for our seminary – even great plans. When we do our part and keep our eyes constantly on God, He can add to our work much more than we can dream.

Meeli Tankler
President of the BMTS

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