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Changing Lives

by Trish Krider We left Ayudante shortly after breakfast headed to our assignments for the week.   While we each felt called by God to serve here, we also each have our unique talents that determine where we will be serving and we have many options to choose from.  By...

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Praise and Cooperation

by Trish Krider What a contrast in sounds from last night to this morning. Our evening ended, as it often does, with peals of laughter as we enjoyed some friendly competition.  When enjoying a group game it is often hard to hear your teammates as the decibel levels...

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Sawubona: I see you

By April Monteith An ending through “I See You” As we conclude our journey in South Africa, one of the first phases we learned is on a continuous loop in my mind, “Sawubona,” a Zulu phrase meaning, “I see you.” The response,...

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Lessons from the Bucket

The following story was provided by Melissa Torres, Assistant Director for Children’s Ministries, Preschool.   A few weeks ago The Rev. Magrey deVega challenged us all to take and fill a bucket for UMCOR. My family took our empty bucket home…and it...

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