In the winter of 2018-19, Hyde Park resumed our Cold Weather Shelter ministry to provide warm, secure space for those experiencing homelessness. The program is administered by Hillsborough County government, who monitors weather conditions and issues an alert when the weather forecast shows temperatures will drop below 40°F. Once that notice is issued, Cold Weather Shelters, including Hyde Park United Methodist, mobilize to open these shelters.

Don Aiken served as the ministry liaison during this season and provided the following summary of results.

“I think we can safely say we are done until next fall. We provided shelter to 445 individuals and 990 meals this season. This was only possible because of your selflessness and generosity. Thank you for raising your hand to help those in need. See you in 8-9 months.”

Thanks to Don and all the volunteers who stepped forward to provide shelter for those in need.

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