We’ve all heard the word greed. And even though we don’t want to admit it, we’ve all probably experienced it in our own lives. You’re happy with your phone until the newest model comes out, and then you have to have it. You like the car you drive until your best friend gets a new one and suddenly you’re obsessed with getting a new car too. You have plenty of clothes in your closet, but as soon as you get some cash you want to buy more.

No matter what it is for you, you’ve probably experienced that “I’ve gotta have it” feeling. But let me ask you this: once you have whatever “it” is, does that feeling go away? We all know the answer is no. Even if it’s not right away, eventually that feeling creeps back in and leaves you unsatisfied with what you have. In other words, greed makes you miserable. And nobody wants to be miserable.

So what do we do to stop the miserable feeling of greed from spreading in our lives? Take a look at what Paul has to say:

You should remember the words of the Lord Jesus: “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35 NLT).

Jesus knew that greed would spread in our lives and make us miserable. And rather than leaving us alone in that, He gave us the antidote: generosity. Generosity has the power to slow and stifle greed in our lives. And when you answer the call of greed with generosity, you’ll find yourself better than when it began. In fact, Jesus is saying you’ll not only be happier, but you’ll also be blessed. Generosity is so powerful that it will not just bless others—you will be blessed as well! So ask yourself: can I trust what Jesus says about this? And, what would it look like for you to put your trust into action.

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