Have you ever seen one of those posts on Facebook claiming that if you share it a billionaire will give you some of his money? Or what about an article online that declares some crazy scientific breakthrough has happened that makes something impossible—like pigs flying or animals talking–suddenly possible. Something about it just seems off, right? You know it doesn’t sound right, but so many people are reading and re-posting it that you start to wonder what the story really is.

The same could be said for Christianity. We all make assumptions about what we think the church is like or the way we think Christians are supposed to act. But we have also seen people do things that don’t match what we expected. We have all seen Christians behave in a way that left us scratching our heads.

The good news for us is that we all have access to truth about Christianity: the life of Jesus in the Bible. Jesus’ life is the model for what Christianity really is. And it gives us the best example for what Christianity should look like today. Check out just a few things the Bible says about Jesus:

Jesus is forgiving (Luke 23:34).

Jesus is compassionate (Matthew 9:36).

Jesus is loving (John 13:34).

Jesus brings hope (Matthew 12:21).

How can you show the world around you that picture of Christianity and of who Jesus is this week?

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