The word “tradition” is defined as the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation. I love this! Traditions are multi-generational, crossing all lines of age and even ethnicity. When we share with our kids and grandkids their lineage and heritage it broadens their perspective and worldview. God made us one and all, so different and yet so much the same. Some of these traditions have been passed down from several generations and keeping them alive will teach your kids about your family culture and faith.

Family traditions can create not only identity in the lives of our kids but can also be the bond as they share things that are unique and special about their individual family. What are some of the family traditions you remember as a child? I love thinking back and remembering things that I did as a child, after all these years it brings me such joy. Many of my childhood memories are the foundation for the traditions that I carried over to my own kids and it is so much fun to watch them pass these traditions down to their children, the legacies live on! My Grandmother’s cornbread Thanksgiving dressing (as she named it) is one of the things my boys love about the holidays, it was passed down from several generations of great Southern cooks. I love that God gives us so many gifts to share and food is truly one of the biggies in our home. Purely by accident I began a “tradition” with our grandkids of creating a bucket list of things to do when we all come together. We have so much fun bringing out the chalkboard and rainbow of colored chalk to create our “wish list” in pictures and in words. They now want to do one for each new season; it brings such joy and anticipation as they dream about the fun seasonal things we can do together.

As we enter this wonderful fall season filled with pumpkins, football and s’mores may we focus a bit on the faith traditions that are important for us to pass to the next generation. What are some tangible ways to pass down your values and passions? As you ponder and pray don’t forget to have fun doing them! Fun can be found in making Thankful Trees to decorate your home, serving a hot meal at your local shelter or baking cookies for your neighbor next door! Modeling love and generosity will change your family and community!

Thanksgiving is coming up quickly, what will that day look like for your family? Start dreaming and planning now so you can create a memory and hopefully a tradition will be born! As you gather your family and friends around the bounty this year what is it that you want them to remember and never forget? You may be surprised that the “little” things are truly the “big” things that matter the most!

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