One thing that Dave Ramsey has learned through more than 25 years of guiding people on how to win with money: It doesn’t happen in one day. But it can start in one day!

Join Dave, Chris Hogan, and Anthony O’Neal on Sept. 28 for the first-ever Financial Peace Accelerated — a live teaching of all nine lessons in just one day.

At Financial Peace Accelerated, you will learn how to:

  • Break the cycle of financial stress by creating and living on a monthly budget. It’s time to tell your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.
  • Attack your debts one at a time with gazelle intensity, so that one day you can scream, “’I’M DEBT FREEEEEEE!”
  • Put yourself on the path toward millionaire status by understanding how to save for the future, invest like a pro, and give with outrageous generosity!

At the event, you will also receive a year-long membership to Financial Peace University where you can review all nine lessons, discover all the tools you need and enjoy free access to EveryDollar Plus, our game-changing budgeting app.

Individual tickets are $89 and couple tickets are $129. Register here.

The all-day event is Saturday, Sept. 28 at Calvary Orlando, 1199 Clay Street, Winter Park FL 32789.

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