June 2019

Dear Hyde Park Disciples,

Your Facilities Team and Board of Trustees loves that the things we do to maintain and improve the property of the church is so that ministry can happen. We help turn possibilities into reality.

Your financial support enables us to proactively maintain all of our property. This is no small thing.

We are forward-thinking here, including the approach we take with our buildings and grounds. In the past year, we have been able to replace items in need with energy-saving and environmentally-friendly options. These new items help save the church money and reduce our impact on the planet.

Knox Hall now has a “cool roof,” which helps prevent heat absorption. It also has been outfitted with Wi-Fi thermostats. These allow us to monitor potential air conditioning problems in real time, and to customize room settings. Lights across our property are being retrofitted with LED bulbs. The Chapel uses all LED bulbs now, is brighter and uses much less electricity.

Air conditioning units in the Wesley Center and Harnish Activities Center have been repaired by our own facilities staff, saving huge expenses that would have been paid to an outside vendor. Many older toilets in the children’s rooms of the Wesley Center have been updated as needed with toilets that use less water.

The parking lot on the Hyde Park campus was recently repaved and sealed. Sidewalks have been pressure washed. These improvements help create a much safer place for drivers and pedestrians.

We are grateful to be part of the possibilities that God brings our way.

Grace and peace,


Rich Howard-Allen
Facilities and Operations Team Leader

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