6:30-7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 23

Find a group or class! Belong, believe and grow at Group Connect Night.

This will be a free, engaging opportunity for individuals to meet and form small groups of people to engage in community and Bible Study together.

Small groups at Hyde Park are a great way to:
1. Learn more about the Bible and God
2. Build a network of supportive friends at Hyde Park
3. Connect with the church and its mission

All are welcome, regardless of where you are in your faith. Groups and classes for all stages of faith will be available.

Are You Ready to Come? RSVP here 

I want to be in a group at Hyde Park, but can’t make it to Group Connect Night! No problem! Go ahead and fill out our RSVP form, and just check “I will not be able to attend”.  We will still work on matching you up with a great group!

What about my children? Childcare will be available during Group Connect Night; just let us know the number of children and their ages that need childcare on your RSVP form.

Questions? Contact Glenn Simpson.

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