Over the next few weeks, our Youth Group will be exploring the various denominations associated with Christianity, and, unless you have a sincere infatuation with history and theology, you might find this subject to be a little bit dry. It’s completely understandable. To many, I am certain that studying names such as John Calvin and King Henry VIII of England triggers an automatic yawwwwn. But hear me out.

History, as intangible and convoluted as it may seem, is actually very important to our society. After all, every single event that has transpired over the course of Christian history – from the life and death of Jesus to the Great Schism of 1054 to the current debates over 21st Century doctrine – has shaped the personality of our church. So, I invite everyone to view our new unit on the past with an open mind because I am certain that it will change our outlook on the future.

Grace deVega

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