Coincidences are a funny thing. It’s remarkable to me that two seemingly unrelated events can occur at the same time and in the same place. When the General Conference made their decision last week about the United Methodist’s stance on the LGBTQ+ community, it was merely coincidental that it lined up with Youth Sunday. I felt confused, saddened, and frustrated by the announcement, and I know those feelings were reciprocated by many others in our Hyde Park community. At the same time as this pronouncement was made, the youth in the church were planning our yearly Youth Sunday programming. And while I was still incredibly upset by the results of the General Conference, I was moved by the efforts of my friends and peers in Merge who were so vocal during the services in sharing their personal beliefs on the matter. I realized that as the future generation of the church, we have a responsibility to share the hope and love with those who precede us and those who come after us, no matter the decisions of today. So, to the LGBTQ+ members of this church and of Merge, please know that you are loved deeply, and we will continue to fight for you.

Grace deVega

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