This Lent, we invite you to go deeper.

Acknowledge those fragile, tenuous parts of your life, rather than run away from them.

Surrender your limitations over to God’s limitless love, and offer your toughest questions to a God whose faithfulness will sustain you.

In other words, embrace your uncertainties.

Embracing the Uncertain is the name of our Lenten series this year.

Each week, we will explore a different way that life feels uncertain, based on a different biblical encounter with Jesus in the gospels:

  • Feb. 18: Embrace the uncertainty of doubt, through a father’s desperate plea: “Lord I believe, help my unbelief.”
  • Feb. 25: Embrace the uncertainty of forgiveness, through Peter’s question about how many times we are to forgive.
  • March 4: Embrace the uncertainty of worry, as Jesus teaches the crowd to consider the lilies and the sparrows.
  • March 11: Embrace the uncertainty of mortality, through the grieving of Mary and Martha over the death of their brother Lazarus.
  • March 18: Embrace the uncertainty of surrender, through the powerful transformation of a sinner named Zacchaeus.
  • March 25: Embrace the uncertainty of obedience, through the poignant prayer of Jesus himself, in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Each week, this series will invite you to acknowledge, and ultimately embrace, an area of your life filled with uncertainty.

And together, we will experience hope and new life through the certainty of the resurrection on Easter.

Easter Sunday is April 1. Celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus with us at 6:30, 8, 9:30 and 11 a.m.

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