The Truth will set you free

We speak of INDEPENDENCE as we celebrate America’s freedom. That’s a good thing and we are grateful for those who sacrificed. When we arrived on the mission field they taught us that it was better to be interdependent with the Papua New Guinea people rather than always reflect an independent spirit. We formed relationships and depended on each other for different things in the Alamblak society. It was a blessing.
In our ministry we have had interdependent relationship with people like you. We go – you send; you pray and give – we minister God’s love through His love letter of the good news; you share our joys and burdens as we report back to you.
Because of you more and more people are hearing the truth in their own language and it is God’s Truth that sets them truly FREE.
Thank you for your financial partnership and generosity.
Love and Blessings,
Pat & Melenda
Wycliffe Bible Translators

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