Jan. 10, 2019

Dear Hyde Park Adventurers,

First, three huge words of gratitude!

1. Thank you to the 200 volunteers who, along with our talented staff, helped pull off another powerful season of Christmas services. You helped welcome a record number of worshippers to celebrate the birth of Jesus: 3,839 people!

2. Thank you for your faithful and generous spirit, which enabled us to finish 2018 in the black, covering all of our operational expenses and paying our apportionments in full!

3. Thank you to the 447 households who have already turned in a pledge card to fund our ministries in 2019. To adequately support everything we are called to do as a church this year, we need about 100 more people to turn in a pledge by the Finance Committee’s Jan. 23 deadline, especially if you have never done so before.

Will you be one of the 100? You can make a pledge securely online, or by contacting Lynn Osborne, our church comptroller, at her email address: losborne@hydeparkumc.org. Pledge cards will also be available in all our worship spaces this Sunday.


Next, join us for the second week of our “Adventure Awaits” worship series that began last Sunday. The Rev. Justin LaRosa and the Rev. Sally Campbell-Evans did a great job kicking off the series. You can watch Justin’s sermon online.

This Sunday, we’ll hear the story of the call of the disciples, as they embark on an adventure that would change their lives and impact the world. And, we’ll be taking time in all our services to remember our baptism and renew our commitments to Christ in a powerful ceremony of remembrance.

When the early Methodists renewed their commitments to Christ, they were often guided by the words of John Wesley, through a little booklet he wrote titled, “Directions for Renewing Our Covenant with God.” In it he equates the renewal of one’s commitment with the start of a grand adventure, and uses the metaphor of being rescued from a deserted island by a boat pilot:

Adventure yourselves with Christ; cast yourselves upon his righteousness, as that which shall bring you to God: as a poor captive exile … and meeting at length with a pilot, that offers to transport him safely home, he embarks with him, and ventures himself, and all he has in his vessel: do you likewise; you are exiles from the presence of God … if you stay where you are, you perish, and escape home of yourselves you cannot: Christ offers, if you will venture with him, he will bring you home, and he will bring you to God: will you say now to him, Lord Jesus, will thou undertake for me? Will thou bring me to God, bring me into the Land of Promise? With thee will I venture myself; I cast myself upon thee, upon thy blood, upon thy righteousness; I lay up all my hopes, and venture my whole interest, soul and body with thee.

Your adventure awaits, indeed! Join us this Sunday as we take the next step in “adventuring ourselves with Christ,” and lay up all our hopes, soul and body, with Jesus.

Grace and Peace,


The Rev. Magrey deVega
Senior Pastor, Hyde Park United Methodist

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