Dec. 21, 2017

Dear Hyde Park Family,

“Christmas Comes”
By Ann Weems, from Kneeling in Bethlehem

Christmas comes every time we see God in other persons.
The human and the holy meet in Bethlehem
                or in Times Square,
                for Christmas comes like a golden storm on its way
                                to Jerusalem –
                determinedly, inevitably . . .

Even now it comes
     in the face of hatred and warring –
                no atrocity too terrible to stop it,
                no Herod strong enough,
                no hurt deep enough,
                no curse shocking enough,
                no disaster shattering enough.

For someone on earth will see the star,
                someone will hear the angel voices,
                someone will run to Bethlehem,
                someone will know peace and goodwill:
                the Christ will be born!

On behalf of the staff and lay leadership of the Hyde Park and The Portico campuses of Hyde Park United Methodist Church, I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Grace and Peace,

The Rev. Magrey deVega, Senior Pastor


We recognize that for many of us, this is a season of sadness, loss and longing. If you or someone you know could use an experience of encouragement and hope, join us for our annual “Blue Christmas” worship service, 7 p.m. tonight at The Portico campus.


This weekend we offer twelve worship services, including “Carols in the City” 7 p.m. Friday at The Portico, and our Family Christmas Service at 5:30 p.m. Saturday in the Sanctuary on our Hyde Park campus.

On Sunday, we will celebrate Christmas Eve all day long, from two morning services at 11 a.m. until one at 11 p.m. Worship will feature the singing of carols and the lighting of candles. For the full roster of Christmas services this weekend, visit our website’s Christmas page or to view many of the services, visit our Watch Live web page.

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