Dear Hyde Park Family,

You may remember that in the Fall of 2017, as we were beginning the visioning process, I asked you to share your response to this question:

“Twenty-five years from now, if a reporter were to write an article about this church, what would your dream headline be?”

Many of you responded, and those headlines were an early inspiration for our Vision Team, as it constructed a plan that would eventually be unanimously adopted last December. By far, most of those headlines centered in the second area of focus of our plan, titled “Widen.”

Here’s a sampling:

  • “Hyde Park UMC Makes a Difference in the Lives of the Hurting of the World”
  • “Hyde Park UMC, Through Their Love and Commitment to Christ, is Impacting our Community with Love and Service”
  • “Hyde Park Continues to Grow by Offering Christ in an Open-Minded and Warm-Hearted Way”
  • “Hyde Park UMC Changes Lives and Includes Everyone”
  • “God Opens Eyes at Hyde Park UMC One by One”
  • “Hyde Park United Methodist Finds a Way”
  • “Hyde Park UMC Leads the Way in Abolishing Poverty and Homelessness in Hillsborough Country, Florida”
  • “Unparalleled Community Impact of Local Church”
  • “This World is a Better Place Because of Hyde Park UMC”
  • “A Church Shows Love”

Whew! And there were many more just like them! It’s no wonder that by the time the Vision Plan was created and approved, it contained this important statement:

WIDEN: There is a desire to extend the reach of our church to make God’s love real to a wider group of people, while also focusing our efforts for greater impact.

 We hope you’ll join us for the second part of our worship series, “Forward Together,” where we will explore more fully this area of focus called “Widen.” We’ll dig into scriptures from Acts and Matthew that remind us that God’s love cannot be contained, and that its inherent dynamic is to be ever-widening, ever-expanding to include more and more people. And we will discover how we can begin to join in that work today. 

Grace and Peace,


The Rev. Magrey deVega
Senior Pastor, Hyde Park United Methodist

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