April 13, 2017

Dear Hyde Park Family,

Golgotha’s Cross
By Raymond Kresensky, 1892-1955

What is the cross on Golgotha to me –
But the brave young Jesus murdered there?
Roman justice debased?
Israel’s Messiah lost?

The tender lips agonized?
The active mind bewildered?
The feet, that walked fair Galilee,
Pierced by nails?

I have tried to speak
The words those lips revealed.
I have tried to think as he thought.
I have taught my feet to walk
Humbly as he walked.

And God prepared me a cross.

The arms reach out to gather in
The cripples, the blind, the weak.
The arms reach out to feed them,
To give them to drink.
In these hands the nails are driven.

But the cross points upward.
The arms fold me.
The cross lifts me.
Golgotha’s cross is the road to heaven.

On behalf of the staff and lay leadership of Hyde Park United Methodist, I wish you and yours a blessed Holy Week, and a joyous celebration of Easter. For the full s

chedule of our Holy Week and Easter services, visit In addition, our 9:30 and 11:00 Sanctuary services will be live streamed on our website.

Grace and Peace,

Magrey CC

The Rev. Magrey deVega
Senior Pastor, Hyde Park United Methodist

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