April 18, 2016

Dear Hyde Park Family,

The great innovator and entrepreneur Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” That is as true for the ministries of the church as it is in the automotive industry. And over the years, Hyde Park United Methodist has been blessed with some remarkable teams comprised of amazing staff members that have come together, stayed together, and worked together for a very long time. But even Ford would have to acknowledge that over time, even the best teams go through change.

It is in that light that I offer this special edition of the Mid-Week Message as an overview of staff assuming new roles over the next four months.

Mary Lou Compton – Retirement (July)
For 18 years, Mary Lou has served as our outstanding Financial Secretary, handling the financial matters of the church with the highest accountability and integrity, and creating an invaluable degree of trust with the congregation in the receiving, accounting, and dispersing of contributions. We celebrate her announced retirement at the end of July with great appreciation, and look forward to her ongoing presence as part of our church family.

Lynn Osborne – Comptroller (July)
Lynn Osborne, who has served for over 20 years as the church Business Administrator and Ministry Team Leader, will assume Mary Lou’s responsibilities in the new role of Comptroller. There is no way to fully capture all that Lynn has contributed to Hyde Park over that time. She has overseen the renovation and expansion of our church property, supervised our growing staff, overseen an increase in our ministry budget, and guided us with a composed and faithful wisdom. Her desire to step into this position of Comptroller will continue this important role with her added wealth of guidance and expertise. Lynn’s prior roles will now be incorporated into two newly defined positions, Executive Pastor and Church Business Administrator, described below.

The Rev. Kim Uchimura

The Rev. Kim Uchimura

Rev. Kim Uchimura – Executive Pastor (July)
We are very excited to announce that Bishop Ken Carter and the Cabinet of the Florida Conference are appointing the Rev. Kim Uchimura to be our new Executive Pastor. She will share responsibilities of preaching and pastoral care, and will guide and supervise our Program Staff to coordinate all of our programs and ministries. She comes to us with 18 years of ministry experience as a staff and clergy person in churches from Brandon, Valrico, and Mt. Dora. Prior to the ministry, she worked for 16 years in the banking industry, including 11 years as the Vice President for Telephone Banking with Bank of America in Chicago. She has faithfully served as our Conference’s chairperson of the Council on Finance and Administration. She and her husband Greg have three grown children, including a daughter, son-in-law, and grandchild in Valrico.

Kim greets all of you with these words: “I am thrilled to be coming to Hyde Park United Methodist. I have learned so much about ministry from Hyde Park, both formally and informally. I so appreciate how the mission of making God’s love real has become an integral part of this church’s identity in Tampa. I can’t wait to be a part of it.”

Meagan Kempton – Church Business Administrator (July)
Meagan Kempton, whom most of us currently know as our exceptional Director of Children’s Ministries, will become Church Business Administrator. Meagan brings to the role years of experience as a Senior Accountant and Finance Manager at two bay area companies, utilizing her Master’s Degree in Accounting. She will oversee overall management and coordination of facilities, finances, and staff support.

Kristin Passath – Director of Children’s Ministries (July)
Succeeding Meagan as Director of Children’s Ministries will be Kristin Passath, who has ably served for the last five years as our Assistant Director of Children’s Ministries, working with our elementary kids. We are grateful for the wonderful enthusiasm, creativity, and communication skills she brings to her new role. Kristin will give great leadership to new and exciting ministries for our children.

Michael Dougherty – Coordinator of Worship Ministries (April)
In addition to serving as our Director of Traditional Music, Michael now coordinates our overall worship ministries. He supervises staff in our worship office, and works closely with planning teams and me on Sunday worship. His detail-oriented organizational style, thoughtful creativity, natural curiosity, and communication skill will serve him well in this new role.

Other Searches
Kristin’s move to Director creates an opening for a new Assistant Director of Children’s Ministries, and the Staff-Parish Relations Committee will begin that search. We are also seeking both a CafĂ© Manager and Worship leader for The Portico campus. Information about both of those positions are on our website. Your prayers are appreciated as we seek to fill these important positions.

Grateful and Excited
We are deeply grateful for the skillful, guiding hand of Staff-Parish Relations Committee and its chairperson Rachel Burns, who have seen us through these major staff transitions. The committee can definitely attest to the remarkable move of the Spirit among us as we have considered each move. And we are just as grateful that the Bishop and Cabinet have decided to reappoint all of the current clergy team to Hyde Park United Methodist for the upcoming year.

Together, we move forward, seeking to discern the Spirit’s guidance, each step of the way. And we can truly believe that by God’s grace and power, and through the faithfulness of the people of this congregation, the future of Hyde Park United Methodist is a bright one indeed.

Grace and Peace,

The Rev. Magrey deVega
Senior Pastor, Hyde Park United Methodist

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