On Sunday, April 22, Hyde Park United Methodist hosted the Mission Smiles dental clinic in the Harnish Activities Center. Click here for a summary and photos.

We received the following feedback from Mission Smiles Program Manager, Kathy McGartland:

What a great clinic on Sunday. I always feel the presence of the Lord descending on our day!

A woman called us last Wednesday and said her brother, Don, was diagnosed with cancer in his mouth. Don needs all of his teeth extracted so he can start radiation/chemo on May 10. The dentist he went to would not do it and then there was the cost. Within 48 hours, I received x-rays and clearance papers from Don’s oncologist. Dr. Eric Ebuen agreed to stay late on Sunday to take care of at least half of Don’s mouth. We planned to remove the rest of Don’s teeth at the next clinic.

Well, since some of our guests left and we did not have as many sign up or they just needed exams, we were able to call Don in earlier and take out 21 teeth.

We also took two impressions for partials for two human trafficking survivors.

Dental services on Sunday totaled $21,450. This is the highest we have ever done in any clinic. Miracles always happen at Hyde Park United Methodist! We are blessed to have you partner with us.

Please be in prayer for Don as he has a long, hard road ahead of him going through treatment.

If you would like to help with the next Mission Smiles Dental Clinic on Oct. 14, just let Vicki know VWalker@Hydepakumc.org.

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