Mission Funding Criteria
Mission partners are selected and reviewed annually.
New missions may submit an application for funding until Jan. 15.
All applications are submitted to the Missions and Outreach team for review.
Existing mission partners submit annual reports which are also evaluated for continued alignment with our funding criteria.
The Finance Committee meets in February every year and informs the Missions and Outreach team how much money they have to allocate to mission partners.
The Missions and Outreach team makes funding decisions at the March meeting for the calendar year based on the adopted mission funding criteria detailed below. Disbursements are paid in quarterly installments to our mission partners.

The mission partner application is available here. Please review the mission funding criteria below before submitting an application.

Mission Funding Criteria
Missions that can be defined and measured for their evangelical goals and outcomes,
Missions where we have a member of our congregation that is a committed liaison and steward of the project while actively interacting with our mission committee,
Missions that impact the largest number of needy people,
Missions where we might be a funding source of last resort,
Missions creating the greatest service experience opportunities for our church members,
Missions where our gifts play a critical and sustaining role,
Missions that have continuity in relationship to our church,
Missions that are related to United Methodist church or its related projects, and
Missions that we can fund with gift amounts similar to the other missions in our portfolio.

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