Families come in all different shapes, sizes, colors and ways! Mother’s day is not just for your mom or for you if you are a mom, but for all the women in your life who have loved you and have been there for you! In this picture I’m standing next to my mom and next to her is my dad ex-wife, my three older brothers mom. We know it’s strange, but we are really grateful that our family can celebrate holidays altogether because my mom and my brothers mother, Verona, both get along so well. We all celebrate birthdays together and even go on vacations together.

Crazy…. We know…. But that’s my family!

We know that not all families are able to do life together but we do know that God is in the midst of your family! We know that the women in your life have made a Kingdom difference. Maybe your mom wasn’t the most supportive or always there for you, but we pray that God has brought another woman in your life along the way who has shown you the kind of support and love that you deserve.

We Thank God for the moms of this youth program. For all of the long nights that you stayed awake worrying and praying for your babies. You are the backbone of your families and you brought light and love to your kids’ lives. Thank you for sharing your faith with our youth. Thank you for never giving up on them even when they “try” every bone in your body with their attitude. Thank you for loving them when they were rejected or didn’t make that “A.” Thank you for loving them just for being them!

You are God’s reflection in our lives. You are who we want to be! Happy Mother’s Day!

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