NOW: Seeing with the Vision of Jesus

Companies today aim to be clear about their “WHY” – why they exist and why its work is important.

So why do we exist? What is our church’s “WHY” for the world today?

Jesus’ answer to that question is found in what he talked about the most. He told parables about it, pointed people to it and called people to participate in it. It is the Kingdom of God.

But what exactly is it? And why should it be our why?

Together let’s see what the Kingdom of God means for us today – how we see ourselves, this church and the mission God has for each of us.

Sept. 10: “What is the Kingdom of God?” | Mark 1:14-15; Mark 4:26-34

Sept. 17: “Children and the Kingdom” | Matthew 19:13-15

Sept. 24: “Parables of the Kingdom” | Matthew 13:1-23

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