Vincent describes his time in New Jersey as a period in his life when he had no direction, no guidance, and was a lost soul infatuated with the street life. Vincent found himself in and out of jail at a young age, so he decided to move to Florida. Vincent soon met a girl, and even though Vincent attempted to be a good role model for her son, he was convicted to 15 years in Florida State Prison, a sentence that, Vincent states, changed his life. A few months prior to his release from Polk C.I., Vincent decided to enroll in Abe Brown Ministries’ Ready4Work- Hillsborough Program. Vincent was skeptical of the program at first, but then thought “nothing beats failure but a try.” Since his release from Polk C.I., Vincent utilized the services at Ready4Work-Hillsborough to find employment with A1 pallets and was promoted to Lead Worker within 2 months. Vincent also states that the staff of Ready4Work- Hillsborough has given him the confidence to hope for a better outcome for his life. When asked what he would tell others that are considering  enrolling in Ready4Work-Hillsborough, Vincent replied, “You can’t get the juice unless you squeeze.

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