Charlotte came from a large, loving family in Largo, Florida. There were struggles in the household, and Charlotte experienced bad situations as a child while growing up. Charlotte got married and had two beautiful children, but due to the anger and resentment that she carried from childhood, Charlotte began to fall down the wrong path. Charlotte divorced her husband and gave away her parental rights of her children. She began to use drugs in order to dull her pain and anger, which led to many arrests, prison sentences, and substance abuse programs. After 20 years of struggling with her addiction, Charlotte decided that she needed to follow a different path upon her release from prison and signed up for the Ready4Work-Hillsborough program. Once released, Ready4Work-Hillsborough staff transported Charlotte from the bus stop to her transitional living facility. Within two days of her release, Charlotte was attending Ready4Work-Hillsborough Career Development classes and receiving the services that
she needed in order to move forward in life. Charlotte is now following one of her passions in life, cooking, as a student of Metropolitan Ministries’ Culinary Arts’ Program.

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