Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary (BMTS), our mission partner, is the largest United Methodist seminary in Europe, and serves students from eight countries who study in three languages: Estonian, Russian and English. Their newsletter is titled PrayerChain and the latest edition was published in February and March, 2020. It begins with a message from Külli Tõniste, Rector. Here’s an excerpt:


Well, March 10, 2020 was an interesting day. On that morning I purchased an airline ticket to Friends of Estonia in Nashville. I was happy that I got an excellent price. But in the same afternoon we saw the global economic markets crash. Next we heard that the entire country of Italy was locked up and now US-European travel has been cut. So I have no idea if I have an occasion to use that ticket. I certainly hope and pray that we all recover quickly from the plague and its many consequences.

Read the newsletter.

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