April 2019

Dear friends,

Ho, everyone, come! Seminary is entering a season of celebration of 25 years of Theological education in Estonian, Russian and English.

Methodist churches in Estonia will be praying for our seminary on May 19th, on Seminary Sunday.

Already on May 24th we hold our anniversary celebrations and great homecoming event. We are very excited about the days ahead. Please keep thse events in your prayers as you think about us. And there is still time until the end of the week to register if you wish to attend!

Still, April was also a wonderful month. A bit late, but here is the April news.


Our faculty member, Dr. Üllas Tankler, was preaching in chapel on Isa 55:1:

“Ho, every one who thirsts,

come to the waters;

and he who has no money,

come, buy and eat!

Come, buy wine and milk

without money and without price.

Recently elections were held in Estonia. And you may have noticed, that politicians like to promise things.

Not unlike todays politicians, Isaiah promised Israel a better future with God. He speaks of great joy, time of peace and prosperity. He speaks of abundance and promises it for free. People, who had suffered so much, may have been sceptical of such outrageous promise of free food and drink!

Unlike politicians who promise but do not always fulfill, God is able and willing to supply all we need for life.

Water – life, basics of survival

Wine – celebrations, special occasions

Milk – satisfaction, being well nourished

Do you believe that God has everything you need for life, even for a good life? Are you lacking anything? If you are thirsty, come and drink! God provides our needs in all levels of life. We believe that God provides for the needs of our school, our students, and our faculty. Thanks be to God!


In April we had a joy of receiving many visitors joining our students in classroom. A group from Russia came to study about contextual missions and a group from Birmingham, England, Queens Foundation came to take a course in Wisdom Literature. We were grateful for this opportunity to make new friends.

We were so happy to receive visitors from Russia. These friends are ethnically related to Estonians while they live in Russia.


In April Anne Saluraid, Aleksei Osokin and Alla Osokina celebrated their birthdays. We are so grateful for Anne’s passion for teaching Bible and for Aleksei and Alla’s abilities as translators and Alla’s stepping into the challenging administrative role.

We had a privilege to receive Dr. Kelvin Friebel and his wife Margaret from Briercrest College in Regina, Canada. Dr. Friebel taught a wonderful class in OT Wisdom Literature. We are grateful to God for a wonderful opportunity to learn from his lifelong experience. Kelvin also preached in Tallinn UMC church based on Deut 34 Moses’ eulogy.

Our faculty Douglas Childress had a chance to visit Israel in April. It was a special opportunity to learn, reflect and relax in the land of the Bible. Douglas shared in student chapel what he discovered on this trip.


Our faculty member Douglas Childress was invited to teach a class on forgiveness at Methodist youth gathering in Nuutsaku. Külli translated. It was a huge priviledge to teach and pray with so many young people sorting out their life calling. Thank you for inviting us!


I have a special joy to announce: our development fund has doubled again in April thanks to the participation of our students. Many students took up the challenge to donate. Every donation from our own people is “Yes” and “Amen” to the work that we are doing. We want to see the work that God began throguh the seminary 25 years ago to continue. Thank you for giving cheerfully and sacrifically! We will be using this money toward improving our library. There is still time to contribute, do not miss out of this great wave of giving! Thank you!


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