Dave and Julie Eberhard serve as missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators. In their most recent newsletter, they recount their service with the Mamaindê. Dave’s inspiration of setting worship music to western tunes to attached their youth. Here’s an excerpt:

Dear family and friends,

Some of you may remember how finding the appropriate music style was a big breakthrough many years ago during our time with the Mamaindê . Well, this year we discovered that the story of that music has come full circle. God is using it to speak to them once more, and in a very powerful way. Some 15 years ago, while we still lived in the Mamaindê village of Capitão Pedro, the youth there had lost all interest in their traditional music genre. They only wanted to listen to “western” music. After staying up all one night, I (Dave) translated 16 new Mamaindê worship tunes – western tunes but with lyrics translated from Portuguese to Mamaindê . The songs were an instant hit and have been sung faithfully since.

Read the Eberhard’s latest newsletter here.

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