The Sh’awesome 6 are: Nick, Renee, Harrison, born in 2008; Porter, 2010; Simon, 2013, and Corbin, 2014

The school year is drawing to a close, but our work here is just beginning! If you are acquainted with what Nick and I enjoy as hobbies, you will appreciate what we are about to be a part of. The school that we are serving, TESOL, is currently housed on three campuses for a variety of logistical reasons. However, that is about to change.

Slowly but surely the school is building one united campus and that is going to be a true blessing. The school was gifted land that is slightly out of town. The air is clean, it is surrounded by fields with little housing, and there is a majestic tree that looks like it was featured in Disney’s The Lion King. We are incredibly excited about this summer’s move, but the move will only be a partial one.

Only one new block of classrooms is being completed, which in total gives room for grades 4 – 12 to be at the Kinsevere campus (the new one). Grades Pre-K – 3 will remain in the city at the campus on Kaozi street. I have been given the responsibility of being the campus leader for Kaozi which I am both excited about and nervous to be taking on. By the grace of God, we will get everything moved and ready and will look forward to a great school year next year with the help of or despite my efforts.

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