Nick and Renee Shaw, along with their four children, answered God’s call into the mission field and are currently serving in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Here is an excerpt from their latest newsletter:


Let me start by saying that we are safe and healthy. We are living in a furnished house that a friend’s grandmother moved out of a few months ago. Another friend lent us his car since few of us have anywhere to go. We have eaten some of our favorite foods, waved at dear friends from a distance, and overall been incredibly happy to be back in our home state, but what a state our country is in!

I want to share with you a quick recap of our time getting from Congo to Ohio. We spent the second half of February through half of March packing and selling household items that could not make the move to Zambia. When will the movers come get our stuff? When that happened (last minute) we walked with our suitcase to a nearby hotel, stayed one night, and attempted to fly with our missionary friend, Gaston Ntabmbo. What time will Gaston be ready to fly? Great excitement…crushing disappointment. Due to bad weather, we ended up at his house for one more night in Lubumbashi. Anticlimactic but still fun because the Ntambos are incredible people and serve Jesus with their whole hearts.

Read their newsletter here.

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