The June 2019 newsletter from Shining the Light Ministry provides updates on the ministry’s progress working with local communities in and around Leon, Nicaragua. Here’s the summary from their latest edition:

“We want to emphasize that in all the communities where the ministry is supporting many families with family gardens, the work has been done in successfully and the purpose is being achieved. This is to help generate both physical and spiritual food for many families. It has been a great blessing. All the supported families are encouraged together with the ABLLDC ministry to face the challenge of shiningly brightly in all of the communities. Work continues by reinforcing knowledge in the agricultural area among producers through training workshops where they continue to address many topics of interest to be put into practice at the moment that they have challenges to face. One challenge is to be able to help more families to have access to clean water to drink and have water in times of drought to water their plants. Approximately a month ago it does
not rain even in rainy season, we try to make use of the tools that we have as best as possible to reduce the impact in the gardens using more frequently the fertilizer in times of difficulty.

Bless be the name JESUS CHRIST in heaven and on earth and our confidence that we have in him that if we ask everything according to his will. He hears us so that we are motivated every month to overcome our challenges in JESUS name.”

To read the complete newsletter, click here.


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