Love INC Guiding Principle: Work in ways that allows people to achieve their God-given potential. “A critical component of helping people move out of their need is to help them see their worth and value to God.” (Redemptive Compassion). The Love INC model helps people understand their value and empowers them to be part of the solution to their needs, so they fully understand the
difference they can make in their life and the lives of others. However, our intent to do this must also be coupled with access to community resources that can be directed towards those solutions. One such resource that is lacking in the Tampa community is affordable housing. Housing or lack of housing has a profound impact on a person’s ability to be stable and achieve their God-given-potential. Portico Workforce Housing Solutions is a first step in helping motivated, employed men get back into permanent housing. Discussions are underway for a similar model for single women. More is needed.
Love INC advocates for affordable housing. Our prevention model works with individuals to prevent evictions by addressing issues that can cause them to lose housing or that negatively impact their stability, gives hope and allows people to see their value as children of God. Love INC creates love stories and we share more in this edition of our newsletter and on our website.

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