Entebbe, Uganda
Dave was able to help lead another workshop on community-based language development helping mother tongue speakers analyze their own language situation and make strategic plans for their own language development, including Bible translation decisions. These eight language groups also tested a new methodology for this workshop, employing various new ideas. Three days after the event, one of the communities gathered all of their 60 village leaders together, shared what they had learned, and began to implement the development plans they had made during the workshop to translate the New Testament into their language. They have been using Scriptures from a related language and decided that they really wanted their own. The new method seems to be working better than expected.

Dave also brought back a couple of funny quotes from participants. When one group was asked when they use English (the national language), they said: “We do speak English, but only in the bar, and only when men are drunk.” When another group was asked to come up with some creative uses for their language, they responded: “Our vision for language development is online dating in our language.” Never a dull moment!  For more news, click here.

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