Dear friends and family,
A season of change is about to begin…..
We are getting ready to finish up the Kentucky phase of our furlough time. It has been a joy to be near Dana and Diego, as well as many friends and supporters. You all have provided us special moments of “being with” those we love. The next step will be to complete our support raising and shift back into an SIL assignment mode as soon as our funding is met.
Speaking of assignment, we have news on that front as well. While on furlough, Dave has been offered a new role within SIL. This role is to take over the reins of the General Editor of the Ethnologue. If any of you are familiar with this service, it is a unique database of all the world’s languages. It is the largest database of its kind and has been maintained by SIL since 1951.
(Check out this link to learn more about the Ethnologue:
The Ethnologue provides detailed information on every language in the world, including their dialects, population, regions where they are spoken, and much more. This service is indispensable not just for SIL, but also for any missions agencies, non-profits, governments or universities wanting to work with minority peoples anywhere around the globe. It is an honor to be tapped for this role, and Dave realizes there will be a big learning curve ahead. This new role will of course bring some big changes to the direction our personal ministry will take in the future. The administrative team of the Ethnologue is based in the US, so this role will require us to be stateside for at least 1 or 2 years until Dave has become well established in this new position. This change is bittersweet, as it means that Dave will be giving up his teaching role at Payap, and Julie her teaching position at Grace International School in Chiang Mai. These roles provided us with some of the most fulfilling years of our lives. We will greatly miss both our colleagues and students there.
We go to Dallas for March and April for Dave to receive training in his new position. Before April is over, Julie will be buzzing off to Thailand for one last stint as a substitute high school teacher at Grace, filling in for a teacher who will not be able to finish the semester. Dave will then meet Julie in Chiang Mai in May, when he has a commitment to be present during the thesis defense of one of his Payap linguistics students. Then he’s off to Penang, Malaysia, to present a paper on language shift and identity shift and how that connection affects the future of minority languages around the world. This is a crucial topic for Bible translators to be aware of, as identity factors can also affect whether a Bible translation will be used or not.
We’ll arrive back in Kentucky in June which will become the base for this next phase of our lives. As soon as our support is in place, Dave will then begin his Ethnologue position in earnest. We also need prayer for Julie, who is in the process of determining the best place for her to serve once we settle back into life in the US.
As we noted at the outset of this email, this is going to be a season of significant change for us.
We covet your prayers and friendship through the journey.
Love to each one,
Dave and Julie

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