Dear Prayer Partners,

Pat is off to PNG again for a month. This time he will be starting a new translation project. The project will include three language groups: Juwal, Urimo and Bungain. All of the scripture portions that they produce will be in audio format only rather than written. This is a new approach which has the potential for reaching many of the small language groups within PNG.

Pray for Pat as he assesses the quality and accuracy of these oral recorded translations.
Pray for the PNG translators from each language as they seek to learn how to orally translate these scripture passages. And that they will become comfortable using the recording software.
Pray that all of the technical aspects of the process will work well. Many computers and other hardware need to function properly for this to succeed.
Pray for the health of everyone involved.
Pray for Melenda while Pat is away for a whole month.
Above all pray that the scripture recordings will have an eternal impact on those who listen to them back in the villages.

We thank you for standing with us and lifting us up in your prayers.


Pat and Melenda

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