Dear Worshiping Community at The Portico,

I continue to give thanks for your faithful support of our campus at The Portico. I am amazed at how God continues to use this campus to make God’s love real through conversation, connection, and community change.

The start of the worship service last fall and the opening of The Portico Cafe have extended the witness of God’s love to new people every week.

I have been grateful to preach regularly at the Sunday evening service since its beginning. It has been our hope that my regular presence would provide initial continuity between our campuses at Hyde Park and The Portico. I have been richly blessed by this experience.

As we move into the critical growth phase of this service, I am pleased to announce that the Rev. Justin LaRosa will be assuming more regular preaching responsibilities at The Portico. He will be preaching roughly 3 out of 4 Sundays, with me covering the other. He is a gifted preacher, and offers a nurturing pastoral presence for all of you.

I believe the future is a bright one for Hyde Park United Methodist at The Portico, and I look forward to seeing how each of you will make God’s love real together.

Grace and Peace,
Senior Pastor

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