Executive Director’s Report
February 23, 2017

Would it surprise you to learn that the Society of St. Andrew’s work of gleaning continues year ’round? Even in the depths of winter, there are table crops growing all across this country.

In fact, your gifts helped the Society of St. Andrew arrange about six gleanings every single day during the month of January, sending 1,424 volunteers into fields and packing houses to pick or gather healthy fruits and vegetables for their neighbors in need!

Florida citrus, Georgia kale and broccoli, Carolina sweet potatoes, Mississippi and Virginia apples, and Alabama collards were just some of the great food you shared through the Society of St. Andrew in January.

Large truckloads of potatoes, mixed greens, and bananas, and even 30,000 pounds of fresh eggs were sent to places as diverse as Oklahoma, New York, Wisconsin, West Virginia, New Jersey, North Dakota, Michigan, Maryland, Kentucky, Illinois, Washington DC, California, Virginia, and South Carolina-and that’s all between January 1 and February 3, thanks to support from caring people like you!

Altogether, in the first month of 2017, with your help 5.8 million servings of nourishing food made their way to the tables of our hungry brothers and sisters.

This good food means that they can go to school or work well-fed; it means that chronic illness can be better managed through healthier eating; and it means that the heat bill can be paid or medicine purchased, because you’ve helped them save a few dollars on their food bill. When you are struggling to get by, even a simple bag of apples provides health-and hope for a better tomorrow.

It would be difficult to overstate the good you are doing day after day, through your ongoing support for the Society of St. Andrew’s work. Leveraging partnerships with farmers and feeding agencies, mobilizing volunteers to glean in fields, and growing a broad, grassroots network of neighbors helping neighbors across the United States, you keep good food out of landfills and get it to the people who need it most, at a cost of only 3ยข per serving.

Thank you for believing in this cause; for telling your friends, neighbors, and co-workers about the Society of St. Andrew; for your prayers for this work and for the people we serve. Thank you for your time in volunteering; and thank you for your financial support that allows the ministry to keep going and growing.

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