Starting this Sunday, July 8, you are invited to participate in an important part of our Vision Team’s work in clarifying the long-term strategic plan for the church’s future.

This church-wide survey is anonymous, and no matter how long you’ve been at Hyde Park we need your voice. It will take less than 20 minutes, and we ask that you complete it as soon as possible, by no later than July 22. 
This survey is intentionally different from other surveys you may have taken in the past.
It builds on the insights we heard from over 200 of you in our recent visioning chats by going deeper into your thoughts and feelings about the church’s mission and work. These questions are designed to have you think about what is vital for us to address in the future, and we thank you for considering each question fully.
Your insights will help us clarify one of the Vision Team’s chief guiding principles: though the world around us is changing, our mission has not, and we must adapt to the challenges of our time to do the work God has called of us. 
Note: If you didn’t complete the survey once you started it, you can return to the point where you left it if you use the same machine and browser to access the link.

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