To all of our praying partners:

I (Pat) am in Australia and about to fly up to PNG. I will be going to the island province of New Ireland again. I will be working with the Feni language group this time. We will be checking Romans, Ephesians, 2 Peter, 1 John and Luke. Lots to do. The Feni people live on an island off the coast of New Ireland. Travel to New Ireland by water is treacherous so we would all appreciate your prayers for their safety. It is not unusual for their small boats to capsize or break down at sea, resulting in loss of life. Pray that we will be able to complete the consultant check of all of these books in three weeks. And as always, pray for health for the participants and their families back home. Thanks you so much for standing behind us with your prayers! I will try to keep you all updated if/when I have internet access.

In His Love,

Pat & Mel
Wycliffe Bible Translators
Seed Company

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