You are invited to join your voice with other brothers and sisters in Christ who will gather in Tallahassee March 26-28 during this year’s Annual Children’s Week. The United Methodist Church and the African Methodist Episcopal Church will come together for a day of prayer and learning to prepare to meet with Florida legislators and advocate for Florida’s children.

Among the proposed bills to benefit children are the following:

  • CS/SB 196 – which requires a law enforcement officer to issue a civil citation (instead of criminal charges) for certain types of misdemeanor offenses and permits the officer to issue a civil citation in certain other misdemeanor cases
  • SB 852 – which addresses the growing problem of human trafficking, especially with juvenile runaways
  • Another vital issue is the effort with the Florida Department of Agriculture to ensure that children in needy homes have access to food when they are not in school and can’t receive free or reduced cost lunches.

To attend advocacy week, you must register before March 15. The cost of attending is $60.
To register click here.
Click here to learn more about Children’s Week.
Click here for printable brochure.
Click here for an overview of the Children’s Week 2017 bills.

For more information, feel free to contact:

Tom Aitken, 813.837.8165,
Vicki Walker, 813.253.5388 ext. 223,




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