We join in prayer for the victims of the tragic shootings in Boulder, Colorado and Atlanta, Georgia over the past week. We also join in support of members of the Asian-American and Pacific Islander community, over the rising violence committed against them. In this Thursday’s Midweek Message, the Rev. Magrey deVega will be offering a personal reflection as a Filipino-American, including an invitation to ponder each of our own inner tensions over the subject of race. The following is a prayer that you might offer today:

God of Love and Peace, you join us in our sorrow over such tragic loss of life. We ask for your comforting presence to be with those who are grieving. We pray for courage for those who live in fear of violence and persecution. We confess our ongoing brokenness as a people, particularly in our racial divisions, and we ask for courage to speak words of justice and healing into such oppression and suffering. As we continue our Lenten journey to the cross, remind us that in Christ, you have identified with our suffering, taken our sins upon yourself, and transformed it into new possibilities through the power of the resurrection. Raise us up as Easter people, turning our faces toward the light, and offering hope to a world walking in darkness. In the name of Christ our Savior, Amen.

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