Hey God,

There is a lot going on in the world right now.
There is a lot going on in my head and heart right now too.
God, I’m feeling nervous about what going back to school could look like.
I want to see my friends and feel like everything is back to normal again,
but I know that things aren’t normal and won’t be for a long time.
I want to pray for the people who are sick.
I ask that you give them peace and healing for their bodies.
Lord, I want to lift up this school year and all of the ways it is going to look different for students, teachers, facility and parents.
May you protect us and help us to make wise choices when it comes to our health and education.
May you help us to still get quality learning in with so much changing around us.
Please help us to grow stronger and better together and not feel so divided.
God, I ask for peace for my soul. I ask for peace for the souls of my family.
You are a good God who I know loves me and my family and my friends so much.
God I love you too. I ask that you be in my heart and my actions.
Bless this school year and show us how to make your love real to others.
It’s in Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.

– Emily Felgenhauer, Director of Youth Ministries

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