Dear Hyde Park Family,

For my Midweek Message today, I invite you to click this link [Here] to view my address to the elected leadership of the church last Monday night at our annual Leadership Gathering. (The cover photo is of our elected laity, whom we thank for their willingness to serve.)

It offers a celebration of where we are as a congregation, along with a pastoral reflection on the opportunities that lie ahead for us in the upcoming year. It concludes with this affirmation:

“We are uniquely poised to offer an expression of Christianity that is balanced, reasonable, life-giving, intellectually curious, empathetic, and humble, that we might be generous and compassionate toward others, toward ourselves, and toward all creation.”


Grace and Peace,




Join us starting this Sunday for our new Lenten series “Meeting Jesus at the Table.” We will explore stories of transformative encounters with Jesus around shared meals and tables. We invite you to find your place at the table in all that we are offering this Lent, including several new small groups, by visiting this page.



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