Serve at Hyde Park


 If you have any questions or would like to schedule a call to discuss our areas of service, please contact us.

Explore all our serving opportunities within the church below.

For more information or to say yes to serving, e-mail the listed contact person.

Adult Discipleship

Community Group Leader

(12 – 18 months)

DAY: Weekday // HOW OFTEN: Two times yearly

Email Nicki Taylor to learn more.

Short-Term Group Leader

(6-8 weeks)

DAY: Weekday // HOW OFTEN: 4 times yearly

Email Nicki Taylor to learn more.

Downtown Ministries/The Portico

Arts Team

DAY: Weekday // HOW OFTEN: Varies
Coordinate art initiatives that give voice to important societal issues.

Contact: Justin LaRosa

Birthday Team

DAY: Weekday // HOW OFTEN: Varies
Address birthday cards for the congregation.

Contact: Justin LaRosa

Communion Server

DAY: Sunday // HOW OFTEN: Monthly
Prepare or serve communion elements for communion services at The Portico. Time commitment is one hour per week.

Contact: Justin LaRosa

Documentary Film Team

DAY: Weekday // HOW OFTEN: Monthly
Propose/suggest topic of discussion; serve as event host on social media platforms such as Facebook or Linkedin. Attend event and assist with Doc Night curator with a facilitated discussion following the movie. Personally invite 10-20 individuals you think would benefit from and/or add to the post-movie discussion.

Contact: Justin LaRosa

Flyer Team

DAY: Weekday // HOW OFTEN: Monthly
Distribute flyers in the community for upcoming events, cafe promotion, etc.

Contact: Justin LaRosa

Children’s Shepherd

DAY: Sunday // HOW OFTEN: Weekly
Volunteer to help organize children’s activities for worship services, small groups and other activities.

Contact: Kristin Passath

Volunteer Barista

DAY: Sunday evenings // HOW OFTEN: Weekly or monthly
Prepare and serve coffee beverages; no experience needed.

Contact: Justin LaRosa

Events Team

DAY: Weekday // HOW OFTEN: Second Thursday
We are seeking to create a diverse group of team members with a range of skills and expertise to collaborate in decision making and participate in community development, event planning, educational program development, volunteer recruiting and workshop facilitation.

Contact: Justin LaRosa

Children's Greeter

DAY: Sunday evenings // HOW OFTEN: Once a month or more
Greet families arriving at The Portico campus and assist them with the check-in process. Print and deliver attendance reports.

Contact: Kristin Passath

Hospitality and Set-up Team

DAY: Sunday // HOW OFTEN: Monthly
Assist with greeting, parking and guest connection for worship.

Contact: Justin LaRosa

Grounds Team

DAY: Weekday // HOW OFTEN: Three times yearly
Assist with clean up outside The Portico building.

Contact: Justin LaRosa

Nursery Volunteer

DAY: Sunday // HOW OFTEN: Monthly
One or more times per month. Hold, comfort and play with babies and toddlers; only paid staff change diapers!

Contact: Kim Apthorp

Porch Party Team

DAY: Weekday // HOW OFTEN: Monthly Our Porch Parties are community potlucks the fourth Sunday of each month. Volunteers are needed to help with table, food and beverage, and décor set-up.

Contact: Justin LaRosa


DAY: Weekday // HOW OFTEN: Weekly
Answer phones, enter attendance and assist with general office needs.

Contact: Justin LaRosa

Data Entry

DAY: Weekday // HOW OFTEN: Weekly
Enter attendance information into database.

Contact: Justin LaRosa

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