Father’s Day, June 20, reminds us of the importance of family connections. Sometimes, members of our family are referred to as “blood relatives” because we share common parents or ancestors. The blood that binds us together as a family can also bind us to humanity. For those with an urgent need, there is no greater connection to the human race.

One example of this need is Za’Quis. His mother shared the story from just two years earlier when the agony of a sickle cell pain crisis required the toddler to receive a blood transfusion.

Now nine-years-old, Za’Quis remains superhero strong. He loves to play video games and basketball. He still loves fro-yo, and Bojangles makes his favorite chicken. Za’Quis and his family continue to give back to their community through Piedmont Health Services and Sickle Cell Agency, and tirelessly raise awareness about sickle cell and the importance of blood donors for those battling the disease.

You can give back to your community like Za’Quis. All donors receive a free OneBlood T-Shirt, $10 eGift card, wellness checkup (including a COVID-19 antibody test), blood pressure, temperature, iron count, pulse and cholesterol screening.

8 a.m.- noon Sunday, June 13,  Corner of Azeele St. and Magnolia Ave. in Hyde Park

Register Online Questions: Contact Tracey Arehart, 813.925.8537

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