Book Drive Update: There’s still time to purchase books before the drive ends Monday, Jan. 25. Instructions and the link appear below.

This year, our annual Book Drive has gone virtual. Dunbar Elementary Magnet School has arranged with Follett Book Company to hold an online Book Fair, providing a way for you and your family to donate books to the students, teachers and the media center of Dunbar.

Books can be selected and purchased on Follett’s website, and they will be shipped directly to the school. Profits from the Book Fair will provide additional books for Dunbar’s Media Center. Teachers and students will have wish lists available or you can choose books of your liking. Some choices were made prior to students and teachers leaving for Winter Break. More will be made when they return to their classrooms.

To get started, click the image below or this link. You will be directed to Follett’s Book eFair. A screen shot of their website appears below.


Once your browser opens the Follett Book eFair page, point at the icon with the four stars and four lines in the top left corner. (The red arrow identifies the location.) When the menu expands, click “View Wish Lists.” Hyde Park’s Wish List will show below the banner. Images of books will appear on the Wish List. Click on the one you want to purchase and the image will turn over, revealing a brief description of the story. Click the “Add to Cart” button to select the book. With your first selection, a dialogue box will pop up to ask your name so Dunbar knows who donated the books. Once you are done shopping, click the cart icon in the top right corner to check out and pay. Books will be delivered directly to Dunbar.

Questions? Contact Kathy Avant, ministry liaison, by email.

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