Celebration Impact – 2021 Annual Report

Celebration Impact – 2021 Annual Report

Celebration Impact – 2021 Annual Report


There has been a definite, discernible spirit of joy at the church since the beginning of September. More of our on-campus, in person ministries have resumed, including age-level discipleship ministries and the debut of our new worship schedule and contemporary worship space. Engagement in our online service continues to be strong, and we continue to make a difference through local and global missions.

We are getting back together, and moving forward together. And it is a joyful thing.
We have also discovered what it means to go “All In” in loving God and others with everything we’ve got. Our daily

activity cards and emails have showed us how to grow deeper in love and wider in service to God. Now, we get to take the next step in our journey, and go “All In Together.”

That’s the theme of this year’s Generosity Campaign, and it couldn’t come at a better time. I’ll say it plainly and directly: this may be the most important generosity campaign in recent memory. With so much positive momentum around us, the success of this campaign could determine just how much we will flourish next year as a church, or how hard it will be to make decisions about our ministries and programs.

More than ever, your participation can make a huge difference. So here are three ways that we each can go All in Together:

1. Pray. Our campaign this year features a 28-Day prayer journey, in which you can subscribe to receive daily emails that will feature a focused way to pray for various ministries and programs of the church. Go to hydeparkumc.org/dailyemails to subscribe.

2. Celebrate. We will be sharing many brief but powerful stories of lives that have been impacted by God through this church and your generosity. Experience the impact of their stories in the daily emails and other communications, and give thanks to God!

3. Give. Be sure to fill out and turn in your Estimate of Giving Card, either in person or online at hydeparkumc.org/eog by Commitment Sunday, November 14. We invite you to take a step of faith and give at the level that God is calling you to give. Both God and the work of this church will be honored by your gift!

Also, take a look at the enclosure titled Celebration of Impact. Because of your generosity, we can celebrate the many ways we have Made God’s Love Real together this past year!

Let’s seize the moment, one filled with joy and expectation, and claim the bright future God has for us. Let’s go All In … Together!

Grace and Peace,

The Rev. Magrey deVega

Senior Pastor

Midweek Message: An Amazing Journey

Midweek Message: An Amazing Journey

Dear Advent Pilgrims,

(Be sure to read the end of today’s message for an invitation to take a brief and important survey!)

Who could have known when we started The Bible Project 2020 back in January, that we would have a year like this?

In so many ways that only God could have known, this journey has been a gift to this congregation, at just the right time. It was an idea that came to us as part of our visioning process more than two years ago. You all expressed a desire to grow more connected to God and to each other, and to be more connected to the Bible. This would all lead to our learning to read the Bible without fear or frustration.

Well, the results have been pretty amazing:

  • Our podcast has amassed an audience of 2,700 individual listeners, with over 138,000 downloads of our episodes.
  • Forty small groups in the church have stayed on this journey throughout the whole year.
  • Our sermon podcast has more than doubled its audience (127% increase) since last year, and it was recently ranked in the Top 50 Methodist podcasts in the country.
  • Most importantly, I regularly hear from church members how meaningful and timely the scriptures have become for people, and how doing this as a church has kept them connected to God, to each other, and to the church.

But here is the deal: the end of The Bible Project 2020 is not the finish line. It is just a mile marker. We now get to live into the long-term benefits of what this journey has brought to us individually, and as a congregation. Hopefully, you have started to flex new spiritual muscles and developed new routines for making Bible reading a more regular part of your life. As a congregation, we can draw from a more common well of biblical imagery and stories, which will shape our future together. And each of us can continue taking steps toward reading the Bible without fear or frustration.

We will be celebrating this journey on Sunday, Jan. 6, 2021, as we welcome the new year. And we would love to hear how The Bible Project 2020 has impacted you.

Click here to fill out this brief, four-question survey, and let us know how your relationship with the Bible has changed, and the difference it has made in your spiritual life. We may choose some of your responses as part of our celebration in January!

Thank you for helping make this year through the Bible such an amazing journey!

Grace and Peace,


Thank you to those who have already submitted an estimate of giving card for 2021. We are off to a great start, and need you to submit one if you have not yet done so. Click here to fill out a card in a private, secure way.

Join us as we celebrate the birth of Jesus! Our Christmas Eve services will be online at 2,3,4,5,6,7, and 11p.m. We will also have brief, onsite, outdoor Candle-lighting Ceremonies on the Hyde Park campus (around the Courtyard Fountain) and The Portico campus (around Homeless Jesus). Specific times and further information is available at hydeparkumc.org/Christmas.

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